Live Trees

We also have a selection of live balled and burlap trees as well as potted trees if you prefer to cutting.

Tips to keep my tree fresh

We strongly recommend you get your tree in to water right away upon arriving home. If you must wait to put up your tree we recommend you put it in a bucket of water (where it won’t freeze) or cut a small slice off the bottom immediately prior to putting it up in your stand. When you cut a tree it essentially opens a wound which then attempts to “heal” by covering itself with sap. This layer of sap prevents water uptake and decreases the length of time your tree will stay fresh.

We also have found good results with using hot water at least initially when putting your tree in the stand. This helps melt the sap layer that will form and increase water uptake.

The MOST important thing in keeping your tree fresh as long as possible is WATER, WATER, WATER. Never let your tree go dry. It will drink more in the first few days and weeks so check it daily. It may slow down after that so you may find you only need to check every other day.

How to dispose of my tree after Christmas

There are so many environmentally sound ways to dispose of your tree. From using it in your pond as a fish habitat, donating it to a goat farm for snacking, leaving it out for the wildlife to eat to chipping it for mulch there are many ways to re-purpose your tree once you are done with it. You can also bring it back to us the week after Christmas if you live nearby and we will chip it for mulch on our potted trees.