Cutting Your Tree

How do I cut my tree?

From the moment you enter our farm we have everything you need to have a great time and find the perfect tree. Walk in, choose what direction to go to find the type of tree you want, grab a saw and sled and you are on your way! Feel free to cut any size tree to the size you want – if you see a 12 foot tree and only want the top 8 feet – cut it there! We can use the remaining greens for wreaths and other products. We do our best not to let anything go to waste.

What type of tree should I choose?

View our featured tree varieties….

What’s next?

Once you have found and cut your tree you bring it back to the main entrance. Here you will pay with cash or credit card. We then offer to shake (gets the old growth out), drill (puts a small hole in the base if you have a specialized “pin” stand) and bale your tree (makes it easier to get home, in the house and on the stand.) All of these services are included in the price of the tree. We even offer free twine if needed to tie it on your car.

We apologize but due to insurance limitations we cannot tie your tree on your car.

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