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Fir Tree

Bells Christmas Tree Farm
647 Mettacahonts Rd.
Accord, NY 12404

concolor fir branch


Christmas Mail

bells christmas treesThere are about one million acres in production for growing Christmas Trees.

bells christmas treesChristmas trees remove dust, pollen and CO2 from the air as they grow.

bells christmas treesEach acre of trees provides oxygen requirements for 18 people.

bells christmas treesIt takes 8 - 10 years to grow a Christmas Tree. For every Christmas tree harvested, a seedling is planted in its place.

bells christmas treesReal Christmas trees are biodegradable and will eventually decompose to provide essential organic matter.

bells christmas treesAfter Christmas, trees can be mulched for garden compost, used for a fragrant bonfire or provide a habitat for wildlife.

Source: New York State Christmas Tree Association

Family Fun at Bells Christmas Tree Farm